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Our Approach

Meadows Accounting Services caters to our clients, we like to ask a lot of questions. The answers to those questions help us to customize our processes to your business.

In order for us to do that the clients have to trust us and feel comfortable with us to be completely honest with us.

Meadows Accounting Services cannot help clients get the most out of their accounts if they are not being completely transparent with us.

Our Story

Meadows Accounting Services is a relatively new business. But, Linda Meadows the Owner has been in the accounting field for nearly 30 years, and she has an accounting degree. She saw an opportunity to start her own business after years of working for others and making their entrepreneur dreams come true.

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Linda Meadows


Lives in West Bloomfield, MI. Married to Dan. Has two daughters Tamara and Melissa and a son Dylan. Has two grandsons Donald and Kaden. Also, a mom to two pitbulls, Roxy and Elvis.

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